Introduction to Geometry Processing - Summer Geometry Institute 2021

I completed the assignments of tutorial sessions in SGI. The assignments were on basic geometry processing techniques, shape deformation, shape representations, shape correspondence and directional fields.

  • Keywords: Geometry Processing
  • Source: Github

Interactive 3D Interior Design Simulator

A 3D interactive interior design tool to explore internal space and how it might be better utilized. The users can navigate around a room and modify/add furnitures, change wall color and floor tiles.

  • Keywords: Interactive System, JavaFX 3D
  • Source: Github
  • Presented in: CSE 102 Sessional (Lab Project)

CSE 410: Computer Graphics Assignments

Under the introductory Computer Graphics course, I completed three assignments. The first assignment was on building a fully controllable camera and basic OpenGL operations. The second assignment was on modelling, view and projection transformation. The third assignment was on ray casting.

  • Keywords: Computer Graphics
  • Source: Github

AR-ASL: OCR based reading tool for hearing-impaired people

Language should not be a barrier to communication or education. People with difficulties in talking and listening face a lot of problem to communicate with others. They might have a hard time in reading textbooks or understanding foreign language. AR-ASL is a realtime application designed for these people to make their lives easier, with AR-ASL they can read books in realtime. AR-ASL also allows them understand foreign books without the intervention of others.

  • Keywords: OCR, Sign Language, Augmented Reality, Language Translator
  • Source: Github
  • Presented in: International Women Hackathon, 2020

Drawing Anime Characters with AI

Drawing a perfect cartoon face is difficult. Unlike human face, cartoon faces vary a lot from each other and has additional unique features. Can computers draw cartoon faces as well? In this work, we implement DCGAN, a generative model for generating anime cartoon characters in the wild, using the dataset - Anime Face Dataset.

  • Keywords: Generative Adversarial Network, Face Generation, Deep Learning
  • Source: Github

Can I draw too?: Predicting Sketching with AI

Not everyone is a born artist. Can AI help us become better by drawing? We aim to build a system utilizing computer vision that detects what you are trying to draw and autocompletes the picture for you. We are using the dataset - Quick, Draw!. Built on top of this tutorial.

  • Keywords: Sketching, Computer Vision, Deep Learning

PocketAid: Medical Assistance App

"PocketAid" is a medical assistance mobile app to meet a variety of your needs in a single application. Core features of PocketAid are – Virtual Checkup (Prediction of diseases on the basis of the data given by the user), Medication Reminder (Reminder about medication, tests, vaccines and doctor appointments), First-Aid Guide (An offline step-by-step first-aid guide), Self Test (An offline step-by-step guide to help users perform DIY tests at home), One-Tap Messaging (Quick communication via location share while in danger), Daily In-shots (Daily tips about wellness), Symptoms Checker (An offline guide with causes, triggers, and effects of each disease).
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  • Keywords: Android, Firebase, Disease Prediction
  • Source: Github
  • Presented in: LearnITGirl, 3rd Edition

Moodsong: A ChatBot that Responds According to the Emotional State

A chatbot which can communicate with users based on their emotional state. It analyzes the users’ facial emotion and suggests user specific genre of songs, memes and jokes depending on the mood of the user.

  • Keywords: Emotion Detection, Chatbot, Azure Face API, Telegram API, Text-to-Speech, Youtube API
  • Presented in: BUET CSE Fest Hackathon, 2019, Champion
  • Project members: Syeda Nahida Akter, Sazan Mahbub

Tori(Boat): A Mental Health Care Tracker and Chatbot using Machine Learning

Tori is a Lifestyle and mental helath related application . Researchers found out there is a direct link between social media and smart widgets addiction with depression and stress. Tori monitors a user's activities on smartphone (how much time is spent on social media and other apps) and uses Machine Learning to intelligently track signs of depression. Tori is also a chatbot application to give users companinion in times of depression.

  • Keywords: Chatbot, Behavior Analysis, Android, Machine Learning
  • Source: Github
  • Presented in: Hack_A_Day, Champion
  • Project members: Syeda Nahida Akter, Sazan Mahbub, Kazi Sajeed Mehrab

V for Vagina

Menstruation, the word itself has been a taboo, not to be ever spoken in public. Women seldom get the proper education about reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, signs and symptoms of various vaginal infections and their cure. The scenario is even worse in Africa and Asia. “V for Vagina” is an Augmented Reality(AR) app targeted for women who have access to a smartphone, to be her guide to all her questions and doubts about the vaginal infection.

  • Keywords: Aurasma, Health Care
  • Presented in: Anita's Moonshot Codeathon, 2017
  • Project members: Mitrasree Deb, Anamika Ahmed, Afrina Tabassum

Hati(Elephant): Health Awareness Video Game

An android game for kids on awareness of the impact of junk food.
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  • Keywords: Unity, Android game
  • Source: Github
  • Presented in: SS12
  • Project members: Syed Zami Ul Haque, Kazi Sajeed Mehrab, Naimul Prangon

Feluda: Adventure Video Game

A puzzle game to encourage critical thinking skill in children. The game is based on the legendary detective of Bengali Literature - `Feluda'.
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  • Keywords: Unity, Android game, Cognitive skill
  • Source: Github
  • Presented in: Backpack Hackathon, 2017


While taking medicines, some people often make the mistake of choosing the wrong medicine for a certain health issue. Which often leads them to severe health hazards and sufferings of the patients. Let's imagine that, these patients have an assistant who checks whether they are taking the right medicine every time. If not, the assistant notifies the patient immediately and helps the patient to choose the right one. Not only that, but this assistant also tells necessary information regarding the medicine as well as the disease, depending on the age, gender and health condition of the patient. Imagine how helpful the assistant would be!

  • Keywords: Augmented Reality, Personal Assistance
  • Source: Github
  • Presented in: IEEE MadC, 2018
  • Project members: Awsaf Alam, Sazan Mahbub

3D Audio Equalizer

A 3D audio equalizer made using ATmega32 microprocessor.

  • Keywords: 3D tool, Atmega32
  • Presented in: CSE 316 Microprocessor Sessional
  • Project members: Arpita Saha