I am deeply interested in the following research directions:

  • Modelling and analyzing 3D shapes for high-performance computer-aided design and manufacturing [Intersection of Computer Graphics and Geometry Processing]
  • Improving how computers see and interpret the 3D world from 2D images [Intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Geometric Deep Learning]
  • Creating intelligent systems that improve how humans perceive and interact with digital media [Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Human-Computer Interaction]

Please visit my Research and Projects Pages to see the detailed list of my completed and ongoing works.

I recently finished my undergraduate from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BUET and wish to apply for higher studies from Fall 2022. My universe revolves around my passion for visual computing and it drove me to find my true research interests. 🌌 🎯

Recently, I was accepted as a research fellow in Summer Geometry Institute (SGI) where I worked on advanced research topics of Functional Map and Optimal Transport under the supervison by Prof. Nina Miolane , Dr. Tolga Birdal , Dr. Tal Shnitzer , and Prof. Justin Solomon . Currently, I am continuing these projects as well. Besides, I have been working in Tero Labs under the supervision of Dr. Nazmus Saquib. Before that, I worked under Dr. Nafees Ahmed for 3D scene generation from textual description. I completed my undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Prof. Anindya Iqbal, where we showed how to fix programming bugs automatically by following the instructions of code review (written in natural language). Although currently on leave, I have been an active part of several other projects under the supervision of Prof. A. B. M. Alim Al Islam , Prof. Mohammad Saifur Rahman and Prof. Tanzima Hashem. My works are mostly multi-disciplinary in nature including Computer Graphics, Geometry Processing, Computer Vision, Direct Manipulation technique and Natural Language Processing.

Other than research, I am deeply fascinated by upcycling (which is creative reuse of waste to make crafts. See my artworks in the upcycling page.) My love for upcycling and computer science excites me to think of machines that have human-level creativity and exciting ways to advance education and art - which is one of the main motivations of my works. 🎨 💻

I love to take part into outreach and volunteer activities. I deeply care about encouraging more women in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. As a member of BWCSE (Bangladeshi Women in Computer Science and Engineering), I actively engage in mentoring my fellow junior students in their academic and research activities. In my free-time, I enjoy reading webtoons.

(My research interests in form of a venn diagram)

Recent Updates

Work Experience

Summer Research Fellow,
July 2020 - August 2021,

Summer Geometry Institute (MIT Geometric Data Processing group, CSAIL)

1. 3D Shape Correspondence via Probabilistic Synchronization of Functional Maps and Riemannian Geometry, Supervisors: Prof. Nina Miolane and Dr. Tolga Birdal
2. Self-similarity loss for shape descriptor learning in correspondence problems, Supervisor: Dr. Tal Shnitzer. [Technical Report coming soon!]
3. Anisotropic Schrödinger Bridge, Supervisor: Prof. Justin Solomon. [Technical Report coming soon!]

Research Programmer,
November 2020 - June 2021,

Supervisor: Dr. Nazmus Saquib (Tero Labs, US)
I worked on 'Embodied Programming'. The main goal is to close the gap between symbolic and embodied cognition in math and computing, by designing pioneering technology in augmented reality, computer vision, and sketch interfaces.

Game Development Intern,
August 2019 - September 2019,


Service and Leadership

  • Advising Board Member, BWCSE, 2021 - Present
  • Batch Representative, BWCSE, 2016 - 2020
  • Student Ambassador, Grameenphone GameJam, March 2017
  • Student Representative, Google Developers Group, Dhaka, 2019 - Present
  • General Member, Women Techmakers, 2018 - Present
  • General Member, Systers, 2018 - Present